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The Bunnell Festival is an annual event born of the simple fact that we appreciate our agricultural heritage.

Bunnell-Festival-Farmers-032715As far back as February 1926, the Flagler Tribune reported that Flagler County, with its wonderfully durable soil, had an “interesting and greatly varied agriculture.”

That was, if anything, an understatement. Farming has been a bedrock of our economy for a long time. 

There are articles that date back further: Flagler, Volusia, St. John’s—we all share a proud history when it comes to tilling dirt. We’re proud to talk about it and we’re happy to to celebrate it. Especially, the city of Bunnell.

Hence this annual festival: a fun, family-friendly event complete with food vendors and plenty of kids’ activities.

200468780-001There’ve been similar festivals in the past which focused almost exclusively on the potato. That makes sense; the Irish potato was once Flagler’s most important cash crop. So we’re letting the potato keep its head up in our logo. But this festival is bigger than any one vegetable. Its banner is wide and green. Cabbage, carrots, corns, stringbeans, turnips, you name it. There were many  crops that helped keep the shirts on our farmers’ backs, decade after decade.

Bunnell Festival Farmer

Indeed, we don’t take “Ag” lightly, here. Never have. Just go back to 1913, to the first county farmer’s institute when Bunnell’s then Mayor Heath issued this statement to a crowd of more than 300: “If there is any call of people that lies nearer my heart than another, it is the farming class.”

This event is spearheaded by Flagler Cats –a non-profit headquartered in Bunnell that operates across all of Flagler County.  Please thank and interact with the Sponsors making this event possible.  If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, please share this site with your friends, and while you’re at the event, remember to share live posts, pictures, and check-ins with the hashtag: #BunnellFestival.