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Bunnell Growers Conclude Harvesting of Spud Crop

St. Augustine, Florida
Tuesday, May 26, 1915

Bunnell growers have nearly completed the harvesting of the spud crop according to the following from the Bunnell Tribune:

“The potato season is about over and the buyers will practically wind up their business here Saturday night.”

“This has been the best potato season that Bunnell has ever seen. Everybody who had them planted has made good money. The pries have held up better than ever before and on this account (thought the yield has not been as heavy in this part of the county as some seasons) all the farmers have averaged high on their crops this year.”

Messrs. Lambert & Moody, who have bought ninety per cent of the potatoes here f.o.b. have paid out around $60,000.00 for them, which is a good sum of money to be turned loose right around here for ninety per cent of one crop.

“Several of the fields near here have averaged sixty barrels to the acre, and Mr. W. A. Mack got one hundred and sixty barrels from two acres of his crop, the rest of the field averaging sixty barrels.”

“Those digging this week are Messrs. Button, W. A. Mack, Walter Scholtz and J. A. Banker.”

Transcribed from micro-film on file at the St. Augustine Historical Society for the Flagler County Historical Society by Sisco Deen on 01 Jan 2013.

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