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Is there a Bunnell Potato Festival 2015?

You want to know whether there’ll be a Potato Festival in Bunnell in 2015.

On October 28th, 2015, FlaglerLive wrote an article on the City of Bunnell’s 2015 event cancellations, titled: As Bunnell Cancels Christmas and Potato Festival, Private Group Aims to Save Both.

According to the article:

When the Bunnell City Commission approved its austerity program to close a nearly $1 million deficit in July, one of the items on the chopping list was the cancellation of “all events for the remainder of 2014 and 2015.” Few people realized at the time that it would mean the end of the Potato Festival and the city’s Christmas celebration…

There will not be a Potato Festival and its accompanying parade. At least not one run by either the city or the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce, which ran the French fries and beer concessions in previous festivals.

This is when a Bunnell-based non-profit, Flagler Cats sprung to action, so in 2015 there will be a continued celebration of the Agriculture, including the Potatos–as well as Community, Family, and History.

So the Bunnell Potato Festival is out, but the Bunnell Festival is in! May 16th, 2015, come get your annual celebration on with more than just Potatoes!

Visit our Bunnell Festival  homepage to learn more about our complete 2015 experience.

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